Thou wilst quarrel with a man for cracking nuts. Or if he has hazel eyes.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Death

It all started when Benvolio, myself, and a few other people were hanging out on a little street here in Verona, Italy. We were sitting there talking when that Prince Of Cats came in like a mad man. He was ranting about how he wanted to fight Romeo. I don't even know how it is possible to hate Romeo. Or Montague's for that matter. They're awesome! But back to the story, Tybalt came in ranting about how he wanted to fight Romeo and I told him that instead of talking he should fight me. He declined and then walked off. I called him a Prince Of Cats and he drew his sword. We then dueled. We were just playing around at first. It was all fun and games. Then we saw Romeo. Romeo thought we were being serious and told us to stop. We just kept on going and Romeo stepped in between us. By then I had been hit. It hurt so bad. Tybalt looked scared. I think he did it on accident. Tybalt ran off and I had a hole in my chest. I asked everyone to get me into a house and to get a doctor but they didn't listen. They thought I was just playing around. i felt the end coming so I said "Curses to both of the families," or something along those lines. Then I died Dying is scary. I didn't like it at all. The old saying is true: It's all fun and games 'till someone gets hurt.

My Speech and The Party

We had finally gotten Romeo to agree to go to the Capulets party that Lord Capulet was throwing. Romeo told us that he had a dream. I told him that dreams aren't anything. They don't matter at all. Then I went into a speech about Queen Mab. Queen Mab is a fairy that is said to come to people through their noses while they're sleeping and cause them to have dreams. After I finished my monologue, we finally went to the party. When we finally put on our masks and went to the Capulets castle. Benvolio and myself didn't do much at the party. I excluded Romeo because he ditched us when we got there. So that was the end of our fun night.